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Future Lab Program N

Where/When/How much will it be sold?

There is still no plan for widespread distribution of Concept Prototype N. These Concept
Prototypes are specifically developed for the Future Lab Program and cannot be purchased.
We are only offering N to people in San Francisco bay area who agree to the program and try
the device. We plan to use their feedback for future research and development processes.

What is the Future Lab Program N?

The Future Lab Program N is part of Future Lab Program, and is built on the collaboration
between participants and Sony R&D. We are ready with the first Concept Prototype N.
Become involved with Future Lab Program N. Please visit .

How to participate the Future Lab Program N?

To learn more on how you can participate in Future Lab Program N, please visit .


Can I use N as Bluetooth headset?

N can playback music, but currently it does not support telephone function.

Is it possible to playback music?

Yes. N can playback music either stored on the device itself or music on smartphone via A2DP.

What is the camera quality of N?

Still image: 8 mega pixels, Movie image size: 720p30

How to play movie/image?

You can enjoy movie/image on your PC via USB.

What is "Personalized Radio?"

"Personalized Radio Service automatically provides curated information as segments like a
radio, according to your location and activities.
FL-N01 reads out segments such as weather, restaurants, news, events, calendar, mails,
social feeds, activity logs, SMS, smartphone notifications, etc.
User can pick and choose preferred segments from the smartphone application."

How long time can I continuous operation N?

"Standby (when FL-N01 is connected to a smartphone): About 20 hours
Playback (when using the supplied Open-ear earphones): About 6.5 hours (depending on the
volume of playback)"

How long will it take to recharge battery?

About 2.5 hours

Is N waterproof?



How to get latest email news and updates?

Visit our web site to register our newsletter.

Where do I contact if I have further questions?

Please contact us from here.